Have you ever meditated in a greenhouse? In a garden, or in a fragrant wood?
We slow down the flow of events and become aware of each moment.
We let our bodily sensations flow, aware of our breathing and in a walking meditation. We stabilize our minds, with curiosity and acceptance.

Gentle movement

Trager approach

We combine elements from different disciplines to rediscover the pleasure of moving in a harmonious and healthy way. Using whatever techniques suit us, we can experience our bodies as musical instruments, freeing the chords and melodies.
Our whole history is in our bodies. So we explore different forms of movement with the mind of a beginner, and very gently we reach a new equilibrium and increase our personal energy.


Dance, martial arts and yoga

Brings together dance, martial arts and yoga in a complete cardiovascular workout program.
The classes are performed barefoot, with music, as simple choreographies based on 52 basic movements.
The pure joy of movement helps us achieve our personnel potential and, above all, it’s great fun.

Creative expression

Improvisation in music and dance

Improvisation and freedance techniques allow us to fully, pleasantly experience the meaning of being on a path.
Just as in music, in dance and in literary texts, in the expression of the body we release wonderful energies, liberated in new solutions.

About me

I graduated in Literature (Fine Arts, Music and Performance Arts) and pursued Jungian studies before working in the field of communications. 
Trager Practitioner, teacher of the Franklin Method, Nia First Degree Black Belt Teacher and Nia 5 Stages Teacher, I hold courses in various locations, as well as individual classes and sessions. 
I devise personalised activities and programmes for companies, comunities and small groups.

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+39 340.7450151

Via degli Strozzi 2, Firenze

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